About Us

Who are we?

The Peel Regional Matmen Wrestling Club is a community based not-for-profit organization sanctioned under the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association.

What do we teach?

• Basic and Advanced Freestyle Olympic wrestling techniques
• Healthy Living

We Foster:

• Self Confidence
• Sportsmanship
• Determination
• Commitment
• Hard Work
• FUN!

We encourage athletes to take values they learn at the club and on the mat and transfer them to their academic work, to their personal and family relationships and to all other challenges they may face in life now and in the future.

Our Club

Matmen Amateur Wrestling Club is a community based, not-for-profit organization sanctioned under the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association with a mandate to provide amateur athletes of all ages, gender and experience the opportunity to learn, participate and compete in the unique sport of Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Our Mission

The Matmen Amateur Wrestling Club is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the sport of amateur wrestling in a positive, safe and supportive environment.

Our Values

We strive to instill the values of hard work, respect for oneself and others, commitment, determination, and positive attitude. We believe these are the ingredients for building successful athletes with a sense of integrity and a desire to win.

Our Vision

We focus on the development of wrestling fundamentals and the unique skills of each athlete allowing them to better achieve their full potential. We provide a supportive “team” environment where athletes of all ages, gender and experience can thrive and propel one another to greater success. It is through the sport of wrestling that we aim to build character and integrity in each athlete. We ensure that athletes take the values they learn on the mat and apply them to school, relationships, and all the challenges they will face in life now and in the future.

Club History and Origins

Matmen began as a Mississauga Club in the early 80’s established as the “Erindale Wrestling Club“.  The founders were Joseph Mrkoci, Walt Okiro and Ed Falcioni.  This was the first club in the area and trained 2 evenings a week out of the local high school Erindale.  Falcioni did the majority of the coaching, while Walt Okihiro administered the early club.  Assisting Falcioni in the coaching duties was Kevin Lomas (a former Erindale Wrestler), Peter Kobayashi and Paul Espey (both products of Riverdale Wrestling Club in Montreal).  While initially, it was mainly Erindale S. S. wrestlers “training at night’, it wasn’t long until wrestlers from a surrounding Mississauga schools began attending practices.  As the word spread, wrestlers from Oakville and Brampton began attending.

In 1986, the late Ron Sauder (counscellor at Erindale S. S., Father of Erindale wrestler David Sauder and member of the Erindale Wrestling Club ‘board of directors’) became involved with the start up of Bingo City in Mississauga.  In an attempt to secure a bingo license for the Wrestling Club (so Bingo City could be used as a means of fundraising), Sauder insisted that the club name be changed.  And so the Erindale Wrestling Club legally became Mississauga Amateur Wrestling Club and would be known in the wrestling community as the Mississauga Matmen.

In 1991 Falcioni left Erindale S.S. to teach at Brampton Centennial S.S., which became the new location of the Mississauga Amateur Wrestling Club/Mississauga Matmen.  The Mississauga was ‘unofficially’ dropped from the club name and the club became known as the Matmen Wrestling Club.

Soon after, Falcioni stepped down as Head Coach (concentrating his efforts with the Brampton Centennial S.S. team) and Kevin Lomas became Head Coach.

In 1995, Kevin Lomas left for a coaching position in New Zealand and Chris Kelman took over as Head Coach.  When Kevin returned in 1997, Kevin and Chris Co-Coached for a short while; then Coach Kelman ventured out to form RAW (Real amateur Wrestling).

Kevin continued to coach and develop athletes from Mississauga and Brampton, producing numerous provincial and national champions.  Joining the coaching team at this point were Richard Knill (Bramalea S.S. Coach) and Greg Cappuccitti (Former Matmen/Erindaly Athlete).  In 2004, Kevin Lomas accepted a coaching position with the Edmonton Wrestling Club passing on Head Coaching duties to Greg Cappuccitti.

After taking over, Greg Cappuccitti reestablshed the clubs Mississauga roots by opening up a private state of the art training centre in central Mississauga.  This new facility and ideal location quickly drew top regional wrestlers seeking “year around” training.  It was at this facility that Mirek Kedzierski (Polish National Champion) joined the coaching staff and helping to establish the areas first kids wrestling program to be know as the “Matrats” program.  New coaches and a new central facility helped grow Matmen into an elite club on the Provincial, National and Internation stages.

In 2005 Mr. Richard Remillard, a long time veteran of the sport and Dr. Ivan Jagas established a “satellite” club in the Waterloo region.  The combined coaching staff and additional training partners for athletes would quickly pay dividends.   With each season of competition the Waterloo regional chapter continued to increase in numbers and accomplishments.

In 2009 the combined Matmen Club held all the boy’s national championship titles from ages 9 to 18an accomplishment no other club has achieved in the history of Canadian amateur wrestling.

The Matmen wrestling club continues to be one of the top clubs in the province and the country. We have had multiple provincial and national men’s and women’s champions as well as Pan-American champions and medalists. Our athletes are highly sought after by university programs and many of them have received scholarships to continue wrestling for their chosen educational institutes.

The club’s current coaching staff includes 15 fully accredited coaches with a number of new and developing assistant coaches.  All of our coaches are NCCP trained and many were highly accomplished wrestlers at many levels. They have been Ontario High School (OFSAA), Provincial and National Champions as well as international competition medalists. Between all of our coaches there is more than a century of “on the mat experience”. The coaches are all volunteers and are involved because of their love of the sport and their commitment to their community by passing on values and skills they have received from the sport of wrestling.


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